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Luca Grcevic

Luca is 21 years old and lives in Callan. Originally from England, he moved to Ireland when he was four years old. He attended Ballytobin National School and St Patrick’s School Kilkenny. During his time in St Patrick’s he discovered a love for performance at age 14 when he sang in front of 400 people for a school concert. He subsequently performed in every school show and spent much of his time at home listening to music and dancing. When he finished school, he decided he would like to learn more about performing and so enrolled at KCAT.

He started attending KCAT in 2017 and over the last four years has participated in the acting, dance and sculpture courses. He finds performing exciting and loves to express himself through movement. Performing makes him feel free. He likes to explore his feelings through his work. ‘Feelr’ for Luca, is about happiness and joy, and he enjoyed the experience of making it. He would like to continue his work exploring themes of love.

Susie Lamb

Susie Lamb is a writer, facilitator, teacher and actor in Theatre, film, voiceover and TV for over 20 years, and has a Masters in Dance from University of Limerick.

Susie has been working and collaborating with KCAT since 2006, as choreographer, dance facilitator, teacher and actor. She initiated the KCAT one year dance course and has led it since, working with new and unique dancers such as Luca Grcevic. In all her dance work she is fascinated with the question: What can this person do that no one else can?